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Part 3 of 5: Texas & Louisiana
Bush's chart provides 5 classic examples of how A*C*G works
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George W Bush ACG - Texas

Note: This image showing GWB's Neptune line running spectacularly through New Orleans, has been up on this site for several years - long before the tragedy with Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina Disaster Appeal: Was Katrina connected to the Tsunami?

New Orleans is right on the flood plain

In September, I was looking at a giant blow-up of George W. Bush's world ACG map on display on our booth at the New Living Expo in Fort Lauderdale. No matter how closely GWB's life follows his map, it came as a shock to see that his Neptune IC line falls right on the city of New Orleans. Neptune (or Poseidon to the Greeks) was the god of the sea and placed on the zone of the home (IC), we can expect an encounter between water and homes. In most charts, it's a good energy for living near water, though it can also manifest as undiagnosable rising damp or a flood.

Well this last potential became a reality for the citizens of New Orleans, one day after category 4 Hurricane Katrina made landfall. The resultant storm surge broke the levees and soon 80% of the city was flooded.

What did Jim Lewis write about the Neptune IC line in his A*C*G handbook?

"Real estate and home matters usually don't go too well, and you begin to become dependent on others for sustenance, ..."

"Community living may be best, .. so that the past can be left behind here." [The Louisiana Superdome provided shelter for 9,000 refugees].

"Whatever is built has foundations of sand, ... and it too is subject to self deception and illusions. Isolation and non-attachment make feeling rooted here impossible, except where you depend on others."

George - hit by one national disaster after another.

It is interesting how many major disasters have occurred on US soil during GWB's presidency. With Pluto rising in Leo, GWB is likely to be quite prone to spectacular crises in his personal life. However, because his chart is close to the US chart (he was born 6 July two days after Independence Day), he takes anything that occurs to the USA extremely personally.

Texas/Sun: heroic challenge to be his own man.

George W Bush has always been, to use his own words, - misunderestimated. His Cancer Sun is challenged [squared] by the Moon and Jupiter. Here in his home state of Texas he has had to face the challenge of his father's shadow in business, the courage to put planetary needs over compliance with the all powerful energy/oil lobby, and how to interpret and handle the symbolic crash of the space shuttle Columbia above his home turf.

Texas/Sun: to be or not to be...

GWB's Sun line ominously runs through the Texas zone where most of the debris from the space shuttle, Columbia crashed down on Feb 1st at 9am. The whole event is redolent with symbolism [see right hand column].

As the tragedy is so tied up with GWB's chart like 9/11, this is an event he takes very personally. His response to 9/11 was widely considered effective and appropriate. Perhaps this tragedy is a subtle reminder that he doesn't have to go to war again or bow down to the pressure from oil barons to be a hero and to be re-elected in 2004. He just has to be himself. Most people outside the USA (especially in continental Europe) see GWB's constant aggressive posturing as an indication of a man with something to prove or a stereotypical wimp masquerading as a macho man.

Evidently, he can be tough when it is needed. But deep down he can also be a compassionate man [Sun in Cancer in 12th house - Neptune conjunct Moon and Jupiter] and he needs to follow his heart more to go down in history as an heroic leader and to be true to the potential of his chart.

Texas/Sun: hero with a thousand oil wells... [with apologies to Joseph Campbell]

Here in Texas, the Sun was rising when he was born. This is where GWB grew-up in the '50s, returned to attempt to make his pile in the late '70s, met his wife, Laura and was elected Governor (winning his 2nd term with an overwhelming majority). Here, he enjoys an image as an heroic figure. And if you were, (like GWB) in the oil business you cannot see him any other way. In the first few months of office, it's been 'Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthday' rolled into one, because this President has*...

  • Pulled out of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement on global warming, ultimately signed by 178 countries.
  • Cut funding into renewable energy resources by 50%.
  • Cut funding for research into cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks by 28%.
  • Cut half a billion dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency's budget.
  • Abandoned his campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, a major contributor to global warming.
  • The former head of Enron, Kenneth Lay, gave the White House a list of his personal recommendations for key federal energy posts and two of the people on his list were appointed. [The Guardian Feb, 2, 2002]
  • Appointed global warming skeptic and an opponent of stricter standards of air pollution, as Undersecretary of the Interior. [Global warming skeptics are becoming rarer beasts like those who argue that smoking is not bad for your health, the world is flat and was created in 4004 BC].

But if you are not a Texan, don't make your living in an eco-unfriendly industry and you love this planet, you may see GWB as a weak figure in Texas, a puppet following the self-serving mood of the popular majority. Now this is one interpretation of the negative potential of the Sun in Cancer in 12th house.

Example Maps for George Bush:

  1. Afghanistan & Middle East
  2. New York City
  3. Texas & Louisiana
  4. Washington DC & Florida
  5. Australia & Pacific Asia

Additional thoughts on the astrological symbolism of the flooding in New Orleans

  • Was GWB's Neptune activated on August 29 2005 when Katrina made landfall? Yes - GWB's Neptune is widely conjunct his Moon and Jupiter in Libra - so when it rains, it pours! At the time, Jupiter, Venus and (if you count it) the South Node were conjunct GWB's Moon in the middle of his Libran Stellium.
  • Perhaps the combination of transiting Jupiter and Venus in Libra (indulgent pleasure) on the Moon (at home) in his natal chart explains why George was slow to quit his extended holiday. However, Saturn was about to cross his ascendant [exact on 13 Sept] and bring him down to earth with a bump. Being Leo rising, this transit manifested in the need for the humiliation of a public apology. In the event, he shouldered his responsibilities [Saturn] bravely and publicly [Leo] accepted blame as the commander in chief.
  • George Bush and his advisers initially misread the scale of this massive disaster. In an antediluvian moment, even newscasters were announcing that New Orleans "had dodged a bullet". This misreading of the situation along with the ensuing chaos and disorder, are symbolic of Neptune - the key planet directly under New Orleans when GWB was born.
  • However, Neptune is also about compassion and GWB's comments afterwards suggest that he was genuinely touched by the plight of the victims of the disaster. According to the BBC, on 16 Sept GWB said:
    "The task of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina is a chance to wipe out poverty and remnants of racial injustice."

    However, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, president of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship, which represents about 100 Tennessee pastors, said:
    "We need a prayer that's walking and not just talking, We need a prayer with legs right now."
  • Lastly we should not forget the additional global influences. Uranus in Pisces (stormy and unpredictable seas) was opposite and disordering the ordered Sun in Virgo. Mercury in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius - could represent the loss of a source of musical and creative genius as well as another factor bringing logistical chaos.
  • There's a strange irony that the extreme nature of the two hurricanes, Rita and Katrina were as a result of rising temperatures in the Caribbean which may have been caused by global warming. Global warming is widely considered to be caused by increased fuel emissions. The principal fossil fuel is oil. The path of both hurricanes went through USA's primary petroleum processing centres. George W Bush is famous for his refusal to cooperate with world initiatives to limit fuel emissions and fierce in his protection of oil companies. Is this the Earth making a statement or Karma or just a coincidence?

Symbolism of the Columbia shuttle crash.

  • The death of the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon who took part in the raid 22 years before that shattered Saddam Husseinís earliest attempt to develop nuclear weapons. A man dedicated to peace in the Middle East. Within this zone falls the little town of Palestine, TX whose residents heard and saw the explosion 35 miles above the ground.
  • The crash occurred just over 3 hours after the New Moon in Aquarius conjunct Neptune on GWB's descendant opposite Jupiter in Leo on GWB's Mercury, Pluto & Descendant conjunction.
  • The disaster occurred [1st Feb 2003 9am EST] within 4 days of the 17th anniversary of the loss of the shuttle, Challenger [28th Jan 1986]. Another event with a strong line-up in Aquarius challenged this time by Pluto.

Hero or Puppet? Let's put it to Jim Lewis who wrote his A*C*G handbook when George was, let's say, drifting in his wilderness years. How does Jim describe George's Texan Sun/Ascendant line?
"... [here] you project pride, vanity, regality, dignity and some arrogance. Health improves and you pattern yourself after your father, identify with artwork, exhibit leadership,... west of the line is best."

Well fancy that! There's even an airport (Houston), named after his Dad on that Sun line.

* Main source of Presidential facts [see bullet points in centre column] "Stupid White Men", 2001 by Michael Moore, Penguin Books [UK], Harper Collins [USA]

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