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Part 1 of 5: Afghanistan
Bush's chart provides 5 classic examples of how A*C*G works
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George Bush's Mars Line on Afghanistan
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Update! To get an inside track on current developments, review GWB's map of the entire Middle East Zone. With his Pluto line at the zenith directly over Mecca, and crossing Iraq, Syria and Turkey, it confirms that his impact on Islam and Muslim nations has been and will be critical. Muslim fundamentalism and Arabic militants are meeting an equally formidable and fanatical opponent.

Afghanistan/Mars: GWB's hot spot with his Mars line just east of Kabul.

For you or me, Mars lines on our Astrocartography maps show zones [about 300 miles either side of the line] where we are more oriented to sports, work-outs and other activities. Here, we are more direct and at times more confrontational. This also applies to world leaders, but for these people foreign policy along Mars zones are likely areas for conflict, even the arena for war. With a dangerous Mars, GWB's inner aggression found expression in his outer world and Afghanistan became the first battleground. Speaking of his dangerous unaspected Mars in Virgo: This explains why GWB tends to "fluff his lines" when he talks about emotional issues, but is articulate and single-minded in hostile statements.

History of Mars lines pointing to war zones

  • Margaret Thatcher's Mars line through the Falkland Islands.
  • Jimmy Carter's Mars line through Tehran, Iran.

Example Maps for George Bush:

  1. Afghanistan & Middle East
  2. New York City
  3. Texas & Louisiana
  4. Washington DC & Florida
  5. Australia & Pacific Asia

Soon after September 11th and months before the war in Afghanistan, we were the first website to point out GWB's Mars line ran through the war zone Afghanistan and explore the implications. see original piece on GWB's response to Terrorist Attack [Sept.21 2001] for an analysis at the time. Once war broke out, this classic and compelling example of Astrocartography at work is now widely quoted on the web.

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