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While Obama's European Tour in March/April was heralded as a great success, his two visits to Copenhagen proved to be a great disapointment. Why?
Barack Obama's A*C*G Map of Europe
Copenhagen is a nightmare location for Obama for exerting his personal authority. Denmark is situated to the east of the strongest Astro*Carto*Graphy lines in the area (Pluto[1], Node, Uranus on the Ascendant). This means that these planets (and the North Node) had risen here soon before Obama was born and therefore operate from the 12th house. In addition, Obama's natal Sun is also on the cusp of 12th House in his relocated chart for Copenhagen. This leaves him powerless to promote the individual interests of his nation as he is too easily caught up in the needs of the collective. Here, he works best anonymously and selflessly behind the scenes - which is hard if you are a Leo President of the USA. So any attempt to exert his personal authority and leadership openly in this zone is likely to backfire.

While Obama's Leo Sun falls in the 12th house in much of western Europe including London and Paris, this vulnerability is off-set by planets in the more personal first house. With Uranus and Pluto operating in this post-dawn zone in Denmark, Obama's alternative sources of power: persuasion, pressure, his ability to network and be innovative could only work on a vague, compassionate and impersonal level. As a result, hidden forces have easily found a way to undermine him.
    So it is not surprising that both visits to Copenhagen brought great disappointment to Obama.
  1. Obama's first to the Danish capital was in September 2009, supposedly to 'seal the deal' for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid. However, the Games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  2. The second disappointment was COP15[2] in December 2009, where Obama and other leaders were outwitted by Chinese 'black hat' negotiating tricks. By using tactics most western business has long abandoned, the Chinese delegation managed to scupper the talks to protect their selfish interests.
Please excuse my rant here: What China fails to realize is that the Planet Earth increasingly interacts as one unit. Who will buy cheap Chinese goods if the hidden cost is the quality of life on the Planet? Different rules apply to nations in the 21st century. If you hurt your neighbour, you also hurt yourself. If the rest of the world wants China to fail, it will. Time for China to wake up and start investing heavily in carbon-neutral coal technology. Yes - I know coal is carbon!
Astrologically not auspicious. Too frustrating & confrontational for world consensus.

Obama vented his frustration with the Chinese, who claimed to be 'offended' when Obama stressed the importance of accountability. Transiting Mars was in Leo on Obama's Descendant[3] (about to station) while Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been transiting his Aquarian Ascendant. This was not a time for diplomacy for Obama. For everyone this confrontational line-up was certainly not the most auspicious time to negotiate a Climate Treaty. Indeed, in my view success on the climate front will not occur until 2011 when the planetary stress of the Cardinal T-square has eased.
[1] Pluto in mundo. Though on the relocated chart, Pluto appears in Obama's 1st house, the 'in mundo' position shows that Pluto had actually risen. As you will see on Obama's Astro*Carto*Graphy map of Europe, Pluto was exactly on the horizon at Bremen, Germany some 240 miles (400kms) to the south west.
[2] COP15 = United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 7 - 18 December 2009
[3] Rage Against the Machine. As Mars in Leo stationed opposite Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius there were several battles:
  1. The Climate Change Conference became a confrontation between the juggernauts.
  2. Air, train and road transport in both Europe and the eastern USA was disrupted by cold temperatures and heavy snowstorms. The worst disaster was the failure of the EuroStar trains from London to Brussels and Paris that disrupted travel for some 50,000 people.
  3. The popular X-factor winner was knocked off the #1 Christmas chart spot in the UK by a protest vote for an ousider entitled appropriately 'Rage against the Machine'.
Maybe there was rage against the UN machine, the lack of gritters/snowploughs, the technology of Eurostar and rage against the dominance of Simon Cowell's machine that manufactures popular music.

Obama’s 2009 European Tour
Obama’s experiences on his travels around Europe strongly reflect his Astro*Carto*Graphy map:
31 March –
3 April:
London, Great Britain
4 –5 April: Strasbourg, France
(and Baden Baden, Germany)
5 - 6 April: Prague, Czech Republic
6 - 7 April:Ankara, Turkey
7 April:Istanbul, Turkey
This Astro*Carto*Graphy Map shows where various planets were positioned at the key angles (Rising, Setting, at the Midheaven or IC) when Barack Obama was born. For example in Madrid, the Sun was rising and in Istanbul, the Moon was directly overhead.

  • London – west of Neptune IC: Here there are unreal, idealistic feelings of kinship and urge to merge interests. However, Brown wants Obama's fairy dust to land on him and drag him out of the lowest division on the popularity contest. Obama wants to address the world beyond the 'special relationship'. So these goals may diverge resulting in misunderstandings.  This mismatch was exemplified by Obama’s inappropriate gifts (CDs to Gordon Brown that were protected from being played on British systems and another Ipod for the Queen with pictures of herself).  It was also beautifully symbolised by the photograph of a very small Queen and Prince Philip apparently in the background next to the tall Obamas.  It looked like a take from Gulliver’s Travels!  Overall, Obama’s strong ability to heal wounds and genuine friendship came into play here.

  • Strasbourg – Uranus was rising over the horizon (ascendant) in Strasbourg when Obama was born.  This planet [eccentricity, urge to follow own truth] works well for him and there seemed to be more spontaneity with the Sarkozys and in meeting the public.  As would be expected with Uranus rising, Obama is likely to be slightly radical and to announce surprising news.  This he did in spades with the announcement that his objective was a world without nuclear weapons.  In effect, the US President appointed himself as the spiritual head of the CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament]!

  • Prague – Pluto (and the Node) Rising.  In the early hours, Obama is woken up with news that North Korea has breached their treaty to launch a long-range missile.  The symbolism that his first global security crisis should happen while he is briefly on his Pluto Rising line and that North Korea is on his Pluto MC line is impeccable. 

    Bad weather had delayed the missile launch, so Kim Jong-il’s timing turned out to be a gift to Obama – almost as if karma was at work in the universe to remind us of of the threat.  [Pluto and the Node often work in a way that seems fated]. Obama went on to deliver a powerful and moving speech on the impact of nuclear weapons and his goal of disarmament.  Here is the place where Obama choose to slay or confront the nuclear dragon (Pluto/Node) of the past and to begin to rework the fundamental nature of the treaties based on the nuclear threat.
    With the south node setting, this location is a place to let go of outmoded partnership patterns.  In the updated ACG handbook published earlier this year, I wrote “arriving here could coincide with the beginning of the end of one type of partnership and the start of another”. 

  • Ankara & Istanbul, Turkey - Ankara is not so significant for Obama, being away from ACG lines. Certainly, he made the 'correct' moves in paying homage to the national hero, Ataturk in Ankara.

    Relations with Turkey as a country, could prove to a challenge with the stressful lines over the historic capital, Istanbul. Already, history, guilt from the past and Obama's track record with Turkey (as a senator) has cast a slight shadow over the visit. The issue was whether the killing of the Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 amounted to genocide or not. At Obama's birth, the Moon (representing history and the past) was at the MC over Istanbul and was in a difficult square aspect to Pluto and Chiron - planets which together under stress can represent wounds leading to death and hurts that cannot easily be forgiven. Put the mutable T-square together and the negative expression is family crises and curses, ultra sensitivity to issues of race, genes and family and physical sensitivity to certain possibly spicy or culturally alien food. Positively it gives a desire to investigate deep seated prejudices, to rewrite the past, to air tricky subjects others would avoid and in Obama's case, as strong need to renew security and provision of health-care. So there is past emotional baggage to be exorcised in Turkey and Obama may be the exorcist.
    Istanbul is more stressful than Ankara. However, Obama's visit went without any major mishaps. It is true that an assasination plot was uncovered, Greenpeace had a demonstration holding up traffic across the vital Bosphorus Bridge and students asked some tricky questions. One asked if he was not the same as George Bush's regime. With Chiron descending he was bound to come in to some criticism - just as he has criticised the Ottoman Turk 'atrocities' as a senator. I had anticipated problems relating to health and diet here but nothing was reported.

    It should be worth mentioning that Kennedy was assassinated on his Pluto/Chiron line in Dallas which is similar to what Obama faced in Istanbul. However, Obama has consciously addressed the issues of his T-square (outlined in his book Dreams from my father pub.1995) and uses it to advantage. Also, at the time of his visit his transits are what could be described as relatively 'benign'. (Mars opposes Mars on 12 April and Pluto is slowly retrograding towards an opposition to Venus in June 2009)

    CNN.com: Plot to assassinate Obama foiled in Turkey -
    "U.S. officials have taken very seriously a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama involving a Syrian man who was arrested late last week in Turkey, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter." Source: edition.cnn.com
Robert Currey, Cert.Int.A*C*G
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