Astro*Carto*Graphy Map Kit

Astro*Carto*Graphy is best appreciated through a projection of your birth chart onto a map of the world.

World Map & Power Lines

Using your birth details, we plot a series of 49 coloured lines onto a large world map (tabloid size/11" x 17"). The pattern of these lines is unique to your moment of birth and calculated from the positions of the planets in relation to the Earth.

Each 'power' line marks out a zone of about 300 miles on either side where a particular type of energy is very strong. When you are within a zone, a different side to your nature comes out resulting in different experiences and perception.

Remote Activation

The effect is strongest when you live near a line. But even without going near a line, the energy affects your dealings with people, news, or even imports from that zone. John Lennon didn't have to go to his Venus line in Japan to fall in love with Yoko Ono and Margaret Thatcher didn't visit the Falkland Islands on her Mars line to go to war with Argentina. (more about how it works)

Time of Birth is essential

As A*C*G lines move (eastwards) at around 500 to 1,000 miles per hour (depending on the latitude), you need to know your time of birth to within 15 minutes to obtain an accurate map.
[A*C*G Map kit]

The A*C*G Interpretative Handbook

To enable you to understand the particular energy that goes with each line, your A*C*G Map Kit comes with a 48 page interpretative handbook by the late Jim Lewis. Besides being an accomplished astrologer, Jim pioneered the technique of Astro*Carto*Graphy and was recognised internationally as the greatest authority on locational astrology.

Careful study of the booklet in relation to your power lines will inform you where you can find personal fulfillment and warn you of the places to tread cautiously!

Equinox A*C*G Map

On the Equinox A*C*G map, each planetary line is set out in a different colour for easy identification.

Besides the standard lines for the ten planets, additional lines are included for Chiron and the Moon's Nodes. Because these little was known about these planetary lines when Jim Lewis was alive, he was not able to leave an interpretation for the these lines. However, the handbook now includes an interpretation of these lines written by astrocartographer and Lewis' student Robert Currey. Additional information on these lines can be found in Sasha Fenton's book Astrology on the Move

Cyclo*Carto*Graphy Map

The A*C*G world map is a lifetime projection of the permanent influences around the world. In addition, astrologers and students of astrology may be interested in a Cyclo*Carto*Graphy (C*C*G) world map that shows the temporary influences. These lines are determined by the transiting positions of Jupiter through to Pluto and the progressed positions of the Sun through to Mars. The map can be ordered with or without the C*C*G handbook. The C*C*G is usually set for a date 6 months ahead to cover the year.

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