Astrology... on the move - Sasha Fenton

Best selling author Sasha Fenton has turned her hand to Locational Astrology

SASHA FENTON is a professional astrologer, palmist and Tarot card reader. The former President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS), she writes for many national newspapers and magazines, broadcasts regular radio segments and lectures throughout the world on astrology and related subjects.

Sasha Fenton (born 17 August 1943 12.17 AM Bushey, England) has written 24 books on mind, body and spirit subjects, and, together with the late Jonathan Dee, wrote the twelve-book Astro-guide series annually for six years. She has sold over five million books so far. Sasha started giving readings in astrology, palmistry and the tarot in 1974. She has lectured, taught and broadcast her subjects all over the world. Sasha & husband Jan Budkowski now run their own MBS publishing business, Zambezi Publishing.

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Have you ever noticed that...

  • You are HAPPIER in one location than another?
  • Your WORK is more productive and satisfying in one city than in another?
  • Your HOLIDAYS at a particular resort leave you wishing you'd never left home, while others bring a reminiscent smile to your face?
  • Or, however hard you search for LOVE in your own home town, you just can't seem to find it?

Instead of feeling that something is wrong with you, locational astrology offers interesting answers?

  • In her inimitable, easy-to-read style, Sasha explains how a change of location may have the answer to your problems...
  • Even beginners to Astrology can now easily add Local Space, Relocation Astrology and Astro-Geodetics to their compendium of knowledge
  • You DON'T have to be an Astrologer to understand and to benefit from this book!
  • Limited Edition publication.
  • Of particular interest to astrologers and astrology students is the inclusion of delineations for Chiron and Node A*C*G lines.

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