Bill Clinton's Astro*Carto*Graphy in Britain & Ireland

[Bill Clinton's AstroCartoGraphy Map:UK] This is a close up of the United Kingdom and Ireland from Bill Clinton's larger Astro*Carto*Graphy map. The collective influence of these lines probably affects the entire area.

This is a key area for Bill with three planetary lines concentrated in a small set of islands. And these three planets are very important in Bill's birth chart.

But first let's look at the general influence of these planets and how it fits in with one of the dominant themes of Bill Clinton's press. The combination of Venus (Green line) and Mars (Red) in Libra gives a strong urge towards frequent sexual encounters. Being near his natal Libran ascendant (the point of first contact) these liaisons will often be casual and superficial. However the additional presence of Neptune (Blue) means that realising these desires leads to a certain amount of confusion or deception.

England featured in a significant way early on in Bill's adult life when he went to Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar. Prominence and scholarship fits well with his Libran planets relocated to the Midheaven (public image) in the U.K. With Mars running through the middle, you might expect that his most warlike tendencies would be aroused. However Mars was modified by the peace-loving combination of Venus (love, co-operation) and Neptune (compassion) in Libra (urge for harmony). The result was that his energies were spent promoting "love not war" in the student anti-Vietnam rallies in the 1960s.

Besides universal love, spirituality and dreams Neptune is also associated with drugs. And it was with reference to his time at Oxford that he defended allegations of dope smoking with the now famous retort that he "never inhaled". A friend of mine who was a contemporary at University College recalls otherwise... but then who's going to quibble.

This planetary link still affects Bill's career as he has taken key initiatives (Mars) in the Northern Ireland peace process. Despite initial impressions, many consider that he has, to date, played an even-handed role in an impossibly partisan situation - true to the Libran scales of justice.

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