Astro*Carto*Graphy & the Asian Tsunami by Robert Currey

Many Theories or Multiple Factors working together?

Astrologers have different theories about the astrological pointers to the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. By comparison, 9/11 was much easier to read with Pluto on the ascendant of the US chart (plus many other factors).
  1. Could it have been connected with the recent (announced March 2004) discovery of the planet Sedna, named after the Inuit goddess of the vengeful seas?
  2. Before the Tsunami, some astrologers have suggested that Uranus in Pisces should signify the start of seven years of marine technological development combined with stormy seas resulting in maritime chaos. Initially this was mirrored in movies like Master & Commander. Then severe hurricanes: Alex, Charley, Ivan and Jean in 2004 and Katrina, Rita and Wilma in 2005 seem to be confirming a trend. On Dec. 26th Uranus was in a stressful square angle to Mars in Sagittarius - a dangerous combination symbolic of sudden devastation involving the sea and many cultures.
  3. Most astrologers will agree that the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon on the day of the earthquake was significant as a trigger.

Astro*Carto*Graphy - the 4th theory or factor?

At the exact moment of first quake, Saturn was setting and Chiron was rising above the epicentre (plus the the Node of the Moon was at the IC). This was what Arabic astrologers would call a "paran". On an ACG map it is marked by the crossing of two or more lines. This paran or crossing was moving westwards at 1,000 mph (625kph) - so it was a fleeting moment and travelling faster than the tidal wave.
However I feel it was significant for a number of reasons:

  • On 26 Dec. this alignment had extra strength with the Full Moon. Though not in close orb, Saturn and Chiron were opposed along the same sign axis as the Sun (Capricorn) and the Moon (Cancer).
  • Saturn in Cancer and Chiron in Capricorn, symbolises the separation of parents from children. With (according to the press) over 100,000 children losing a parent, this is one of the most tragic results from the disaster. There will be much fostering of children - appropriate since the mythological Chiron was a mentor and teacher and Cancer - the sign of motherhood.
  • I will leave comments on the Node of the Moon lines to other astrologers.

The lessons to be learnt from the animal kingdom.

Chiron has been linked to animals while Saturn in opposition at the time governs human endeavour, industry and capitalism. So while the physical and emotional structures created by man [Saturn] were annihilated, [Chiron] animals survived in unexpected ways and numbers. In some cases animals guided humans who were able to respond to nature.

From astrologer Jessica Adams's Astrologer's Diary 2nd January 2005

"Wildlife officials in Sri Lanka have reported that, despite the loss of human life in the Asian disaster, there have been no recorded animal deaths. Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is home to elephants, deer, jackals and crocodiles - but all survived. Elsewhere in the tsunami disaster zone, children escaped to safety on the back of an elephant."
The Sunday Times [9th January 2005] reported the remarkable survival of the 100-strong tribe in the remote island of Sentinel between India and Burma.
Relief organiser, Rahul Bhagat referring to tribe whose roots go back to Palaeolithic times, said they survived thanks to skills at reading the natural environment. "They knew immediately something was wrong," he said.

Hours before the quake struck some tribes people were hunting in the forest and others were scattered across shallow water looking for marine food. Then streams of ants and other insects began pouring out of the ground and heading uphill. Soon after that the sea receded. Men, women and children are thought to have followed the ants' example and were safe when the tsunami struck.

"They sustained themselves on coconuts, wild berries and small animals," said Samirendra Chattopadhyay of the tribal affairs ministry.
What lessons [Saturn] do we human beings in a material world, have to learn from animals [Chiron] in an instinctive world?

Our hearts go out to those who have suffered so terribly in this natural disaster.

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