Bill Clinton's Astro*Carto*Graphy in Washington DC

[Bill Clinton's Astrocartography Map: East Coast USA] This extract from Bill Clinton's larger world Astro*Carto*Graphy map gives you some idea of the detail that you can get with key cities. These lines are effective for an area of approximately 300 miles either side.

A*C*G lines around Washington are always significant for US Presidents. Just off the East Coast you will see a magenta/purple line. This is Bill's Jupiter Ascendant line - on the positive side this has brought him personal success in winning two terms of the Presidency. However Jupiter is also about excess. When he is in Washington he has a greater tendency to put on weight. Jupiter is associated with legal matters and he and Hilary have been involved in plenty of lawsuits.
More interesting is the green Chiron Ascendant line that runs right through D.C. (provided his time of birth is correct.) The significance of Chiron in the Horoscope is still speculative. Symbolically it is associated with a wounded healer. It suggests that for Bill, Washington might be a place tainted with painful experiences. However despite personal suffering he had and may still have the potential to act as a healer for the nation. Health is also an important objective in his Presidential legacy with the Clinton Foundation with the Clinton Health Access Initiative focussing on HIV, malaria and TB.[1]

[1] Smith,Pohla (2008) Expertise in economics and social issues at Clinton Foundation for resident Inder SinghPublisher: Pittsburgh Post Gazette
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